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Dashtune, our company was started in 2002 and since then has gone from strength to strength.

We offer unrivalled service and support and a machine which is second to none, we have re-sellers worldwide and a very large database of knowledge.

We offer a 6 day helpline from 9am-5pm

Most of our rival company's are offering similar machines which still can't compete with our Flashbooster unit, would you trust a company who is offering a machine which they don't tune files for? They offer cheap files in the beginning then hit you hard later on, we charge the same money from day1 regardless of the cars make or model, if you wish to charge more that's up to you.

Dashtune & JJ Electronics Simply The Best.................

Our online forum has over 300 members and is growing daily, all members are loyal Tuners and Mileage customers and are always online to help new members build up their new business from the very beginning.

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BMW's become mean machines after tuning with huge increases in the 530TD and X5

A complete range of new cars has just been added take a look at our upgrades page to see more.

Want to see your car Turbo Petrol or Turbo Diesel car go like a Ferrari? why not call us and ask about our 1 car only packages....

See our latest rolling road videos.

Dashtune Release Mini.
We just released the Mini Dashtune, this unit is ideal for people who want to try it out without spending too much money up front, Only £1,200 + 2 free files.
Dashtune Release EDC16 via OBDII
EDC16 Golf 5 and many more now via OBDII included on our Mini Dashtune Version.
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